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Plant Fanatics is a locally based plant nursery that sells plants online for the South African market. Our Online plant store has an extensive range of purchasable online plant products ranging from succulents, bromeliads to tillandsias and many other rare and unusual plants.

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If you are looking to buy plants online in South Africa, We grow South African water-wise plants that are tolerant to dry conditions. Plant Fanatics online plant shop in South Africa takes care of your gardening and online plant shopping needs.

With our online plant shop in South Africa, you can or order plants and accessories online for delivery to your door right across southern Africa. In our online plant store, we feature over 1150 different plant products and cover 4 major plant categories namely bromeliad, succulents, and tillandsias.

Buy succulents from our online store now. 

Buy Bromeliads from our online store now.


Our plant shop also further diversifies these main categories into over 40 plant genus types. Our online plant shop also offers convenient ways for you to search for your perfect plant. For beginners, you can search by use such as:

  • hanging plants,
  • indoor plants
  • flowering plants
  • Plants for ground cover
  • plants for fairy gardens.

For our more experienced plant fanatics and botanical experts: you could search by plant genus or botanical name.

Our online nursery is an affordable online garden nursery based in South Africa.
If you want to create your indoor urban jungle or looking for outdoor plants to expand your garden we have them all.

Lastly, every plant on our store comes with a handy plant care guide as to the best potting, soil, light, and watering recommendation for your purchased plant.

We deliver plants fresh from the greenhouse to your door, with all the information you need to care for your plants post-purchase.

Online Plant Nursery South Africa

Plant Fanatics is a nursery that sells plants primarily online to the south African market. Starting off as a local nursery selling plants and delivering to the local East London area we have expanded and now bring you all our wonderful plants or sale online across  South Africa.


Succulents for Sale Online South Africa

We have an extensive range of succulents for sale in South Africa, our staff are highly familiar with these plants and have been judges and various succulent show competitions for the best Succulents for sale in south Africa go to our store.


Bromeliads For Sale South Africa

Plant Fanatics online plant shop south Africa have a deep extensive range of bromeliads for sale in South Africa, our staff are highly familiar with these plants and have been judges and various bromeliad show competitions for the best bromeliad for sale in south Africa go to our store.

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Cryptocereus anthonyanus 1

We are a small, specialised nursery situated on a little piece of paradise, a beautifully scenic river valley, on the outskirts of East London.

Here our plants grow to the wonderful calls of nature.  What started out as a hobby 26 years ago has now grown into a nursery with just over 2 000 square metres of green house space. We are plant fanatics and this is reflected in our nursery stock as we grow a wide range of popular and rare Bromeliads, Succulents and many other unusual plants.

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