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When will my plants be dispatched?

Orders received before 14h00 on Thursdays will be dispatched the following Monday or Tuesday.  Orders received after the cut off time will take a week longer to be dispatched.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Delivery takes 2 – 5 days depending on your location.

Will my plants arrive safely?

We take the utmost care in packing your order to ensure it leaves our nursery in perfect condition.
Each plant is individually wrapped by hand with recyclable packaging and packed carefully to
ensure that they are protected during transit so that they arrive safely.
We also use reliable courier companies that understand the fragility of live plants and handle
orders with care.

My order has arrived. What should I do

Step one:
Unpack your plants immediately.
Step two:
Use caution to remove the protective packaging. Take care not to damage the plants.
Step three:
Check to see if any potting soil or packing material is lodged in the foliage of the plant. This can easily be removed with a light brushing or gentle watering.
Step four:
Plants can be potted immediately or left to grow in their original plastic pots.
Step five:
Water the plants well, early in the day is best. In the case of succulents, gently tilt the plants to remove any excess water that has collected on the leaves or in the rosette of the plant.
Step six:
Place your new arrivals in a shaded, airy position.
Step seven:
All plants should be gradually transitioned to light after shipping in a dark box. This is best achieved over a two week period. During this time slowly move plants from a shaded position to a filtered sun position and finally into direct sun if this is where your plant will ultimately be growing. Plants placed directly into full sun after spending a number of days in a dark box can be burnt by the sun, particularly in summer.
Step eight:
During the two week settling in period protect your newly acquired plants from extreme temperatures and heavy rainfall.

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