Wallisia cyanea


  • Previously Tillandsia cyanea this plant has been re-classified into a new genus
  • Very popular and fascinating plant with an incredible wow factor!
  • Spectacular large pink paddle-like flower spike from which large violet flowers emerge
  • Can be grown either epiphytically or in a container in a free draining potting soil
  • Add an exotic touch to your home with this stunner which grows well indoors
  • Care level: Easy

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Additional information

Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 12 cm

Plant Care:

Tips on how to grow your plant successfully:

Light: Best grown in partial shade to shade. Also grows well indoors.

Potting: When growing your plant in containers, it is important to ensure that your soil is light, airy and free draining. A combination of a good quality potting soil with the addition of either coco peat, pine bark or perlite is recommended.

Watering: Frequency of watering is always the most difficult cultural point to advise on. There are so many factors which influence it. As a guide during summer water once a week and in winter once in ten days to two weeks. Plants grown in pots will take longer to dry out and will need less frequent watering. It is important that plants dry after been watered, particularly when grown in a large clump. It is always best to water your plants in the early morning.

Fertiliser: In their natural environment Tillandsia exist on very little nutrients. Fertiliser must be applied sparingly. You can foliar feed your Tillandsia in the warmer months with a balanced water soluble fertiliser. Be sure to use a very dilute solution ¼ – ½ the recommended strength.

Air Movement: Tillandsia require good air circulation at all times.

Please Note

The plant is currently growing in a 12 cm plastic pot and is near flowering size. It will be supplied bare root (without a pot or soil). Although our plants are grown under the same conditions and we carefully handpick your plant to ensure the best quality possible, no two plants are identical. Also the colours of plants can vary according to the season. The plant supplied will be similar to the plant photographed. Photographs of the flowering plant and the large plant are for reference purposes only.