Vriesea sp


  • Interesting foliage
  • Shade loving
  • Excellent choice as a groundcover
  • Water wise
  • Care level: Easy

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Medium sized rosette of soft green leaves with very dark purple almost black leaf bases.  The inner rosette of leaves is heavily spotted with burgundy.

The flower spike reaches up to 50 cm and can sometimes be branched.  The bracts are apple green with a rosy tinge towards the tips.  The flowers are green-yellow.

A super plant as a groundcover for partial shade to shaded spots.  Extremely low maintenance and water wise.  Also grows well indoors and will add an exotic feel to your home.

Additional information

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 15 cm

Plant Care:

Tips for growing your plant successfully:

Light: Best grown in partial shade to shade.

Soil: Generally Bromeliads which grow terrestrially, require good drainage and like to grow in soil which is airy and fast draining. We recommend the addition of compost or fine bark to the planting area. When growing your plant in containers, it is also important to ensure that your soil is light, airy and free draining. A combination of a good quality potting soil with the addition of either coco peat, pine bark or perlite is recommended.

Watering: Many Bromeliads are surprisingly water wise. When watering, water your plant thoroughly, then allow to dry out before watering again. Always ensure that there is water in your Bromeliad’s tank, cup or reservoir. The frequency of watering will vary according to the season. Remember if you are unsure as to whether to water or not, rather keep the plant on a drier side as overwatering can lead to fungal problems which can kill a plant quickly.

Fertiliser: Use a balanced water soluble fertilizer at half the recommended strength once a month during spring and summer.

Temperature: Best grown in areas where the minimum temperature does not fall lower than 3 degrees Celsius.

Please Note:

The plant is currently growing in a 15 cm plastic pot and is near flowering size. It will be supplied bare root (without a pot or soil). Although our plants are grown under the same conditions and we carefully handpick your plant to ensure the best quality possible, no two plants are identical. Also the colours of plants can vary according to the season. The plant supplied will be similar to the plant photographed. Photographs of plants in flower are for demonstrative purposes only.