Dyckia ibiramensis


  • Attractive rosette of thick, shiny apple green leaves which are adorned with spines
  • Offsets freely, forming a very dense, decorative clump
  • Tall, branched flower spike of golden yellow flowers can reach 1 metre high
  • Excellent focal point for rock gardens and containers
  • Ideally suited to growing on hot sunny patios, balconies or courtyards
  • Perfect for anyone starting a Bromeliad collection
  • Low maintenance and water wise
  • Care level: Very easy

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Additional information

Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 10 cm

Plant Care:

Tips on how to grow your plant successfully:

Light: Full sun.

Soil: Dyckia require a free draining soil. Dyckia have well developed root systems and can become root bound in a relatively short space of time and will require potting on into a larger pot. Gravel or fine grit should be added to the potting soil to improve drainage.

Watering: Dyckia are water-wise. When watering, water your plant thoroughly, then allow to dry out before watering again.

Fertiliser: A small amount of slow release pelleted fertiliser added to the potting mix at planting is beneficial.

Temperature: Dyckia is best grown in areas where the minimum temperature does not fall below -3 degrees Celsius.

Please Note:

The plant is currently growing in a 10 cm plastic pot. Although our plants are grown under the same conditions and we carefully handpick your plant to ensure the best quality possible, no two plants are identical. Also the colours of plants can vary according to the season. The plant supplied will be similar to the plant photographed.