Ceropegia woodii variegata


Common name:  Variegated String of Hearts

  • Love is most definitely in the air with this gorgeous indigenous gem in your home
  • Fleshy heart shaped leaves on trailing stems which can grow to 2 metres long
  • Perfect for hanging baskets or grow it along a trellis
  • Grow it on a shelf so as to appreciate the delicate beauty of this trailing succulent
  • The leaves have a beautiful lace-like, silver patterning and the undersides are purple
  • In addition, the foliage is marbled with shades of cream to pink
  • The very unusual flowers are furry-like and are black purple in colour
  • The flowers remind me of little parachutes
  • An undemanding plant that is easy to grow and a must for every home

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Additional information

Weight 0.225 kg
Dimensions 7.5 cm

Plant Care:

Tips on how to care for your plant successfully:

Light: Cereopegia woodii grows best in bright, indirect light. It is well suited to growing indoors.

Potting: Always ensure that a free draining potting medium is used. We recommend a good quality potting mix with the addition of fine gravel and perlite to improve the drainage. Re-potting of plants is best done in spring, the beginning of the growing period.

Watering: Water the plant thoroughly. Allow the plant to drain, then allow the plant to dry out before watering again. Your plant should never stand in a drip tray with water after watering for any length of time. It is always best to pour this excess water off. The frequency of watering should be reduced slightly during the winter months. Frequency of watering is always the most difficult cultural point to give advice on as there are so many variables which influence it. When in doubt as to whether to water or not it is probably best to rather let the plant dry for another day or two and then water it as over- watering can kill your plant very quickly.

Fertiliser: Ceropegia woodii will benefit from applications of a balanced water-soluble fertiliser during spring and summer. Always use a very dilute solution of ¼ to ½ of the recommended dilution rate.

Please Note:

The plant is currently growing in a 7.5 cm plastic pot. Although our plants are grown under the same conditions and we carefully handpick your plant to ensure the best quality possible, no two plants are identical. The colours of plants can also vary according to the season. The plant supplied will be similar to the plant photographed in 7.5cm pot. The photograph of the larger plant is for reference purposes only.