Asplenium nidus ‘Crispy Wave’


Common name:  Bird’s Nest Fern

  • Wonderfully sculptural plant with beautifully ruffled, lush green leaves
  • One of the easiest plants to grow indoors
  • Grows well in low to medium light conditions
  • A highly efficient ‘air cleaning’ plant
  • Care level: Easy

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Additional information

Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 12 cm

Plant Care:

Tips on how to care for your plant successfully:

Light: Medium to low light conditions or indirect light.

Potting: When transplanting into larger containers always ensure you use a good quality potting soil. Always pot up incrementally into larger sized containers.

Watering: Water your plant thoroughly and wait for your plant to start drying out before watering again. Approximately once a week. Never leave your plant standing in water for any length of time. Always pour off the excess water which has collected in the drip tray after watering.

Fertiliser: Apply a balanced water soluble fertiliser at ½ of the recommended strength once a month.

Please Note:

The plant is currently growing in a 12 cm plastic pot. Although our plants are grown under the same conditions and we carefully handpick your plant to ensure the best quality possible, no two plants are identical. The plant supplied will be similar to the plant photographed.